Friday Night at Frazier Electric

by altar of complaints (2011-2014)

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released March 28, 2012

Recorded quickly as a 3-piece in the upstairs of a warehouse in murfreesboro. sorry



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Track Name: Fucking In The Halls Of Valhalla
We are the unsung heroes of everyday life. We are the ones behind the scenes, incorporeal, and for what? To try and please a stranger's pallet, to get it thrown back in our face for it not being perfect in their eyes. Or is it that we cursed ourselves consciously for choosing this path?
Track Name: Hold The Flour
Why do you say that life is pointless, life is suffering? That is just your perception. We choose our responses, conscious or not. Everything in essence is neutral. What is bad to you only exists in your mind. This is not your life or mine, for we are life itself, and how can one what it itself already is? We are the eyes of the universe experiencing itself in many different ways. Perception is everything.